Our Tea & Coffee

Take a look at the tea and coffee varieties we have


Our coffee is hand picked and hand-roasted in small batches, sourced from sustainable & ethical farms. Freeminer is our signature blend, and Wild Boar our guest blend.

We also have decaf available, and we can make your coffee with dairy free alternatives.

All our drinks can be taken away, and you can buy our coffee either as beans, or freshly ground to order. Ask a member of staff for details.


All our tea is served in an individual Forlife stump teapot with its extra fine infuser, or you can have it in an unbleached bag to go.

We have a large variety of teas, from well known Earl Grey and English Breakfast, through to Fog Green, Sencha and Jasmine.

Take a look below for a fuller list.

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Every time you have collected 9 stamps, show us your card and get your tenth drink on the house.


Assam – A blend of the best Assam Tea, picked during August and September
Sencha – ( A steamed green tea ) from the hills of the Shejiang province in China
Jasmine – from the hills of Guangxi in Southern China, this area is known for its flower scented teas like Jasmine, Crysanthemum and Osmanthus
Lapsang Souchong – from the Fujian Province in China, infused with pine wood smoke
Elderflower and Ginger – The theft of ginger root, cardamom, cinnamon and bruised pepper mixed with delicate elderberry, elderflower and sweet mallow blossom
Earl Grey – This tea combines precious black leaves infused with pure bergamot oil – Bergamot is a citrus fruit grown in Calabria in Italy. In celebration of the only truly British tea, red, white and blue cornflowers are added saluting  the progressive Earl Grey who led the British government to abolish slavery throughout the Empire
English Breakfast –  Secret blend of Indian, Ceylon and China teas, that gives a sophisticated, refreshing, more delicate tea. Elegant, spicy and slightly sweet.  Nuanced and best enjoyed without milk
Fog Green – Hand-picked from Xuefeng Mountain in Hunan. Each Spring farmer Fuliang Jiang handpicks the middle and small leaf tea from the tea garden located in Bao Tian Village, at 800m on Xuefeng Mountain. The humid climate and ‘wind around the clouds’ create the condition that allows these wonderfully mellow leaves to emerge (and also is why this tea is named ‘Fog’). The leaf is roasted until water content is reduced to 5%~6%.A sweet taste that is rich and captivating
Peppermint Tea – Natural, unsweetened leaf, which is crisp and refreshing. Regarded as an aid to digestion and a good for cleansing the palate
Organic Summer Berry – A  delicious mix of apple, hibiscus, orange, blackberry leaf with raspberries and strawberries
Redbush – Our Redbush tea is a classic red rooibos tea made from the soft needle-like leaves of the wild South African plant, Aspalathus linearis. Our pure origin redbush produces a gently hydrating infusion that is rich in anti-oxidants and naturally caffeine free, making it a light and healthy way to lift your day
Chai – Our Virunga Chai is a powerful interpretation of a classic Indian tea. Virunga Chai infuses the brightness and vitality of a supreme African black tea, grown close to Virunga National Park, with an eclectic blend of herbs and spices

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