Medium Lift

If your project needs a lift, Precision will help get it off the ground. Aerial construction by helicopters is proven to be more cost effective along with providing several transportation advantages over conventional construction methods.

We can work with you to develop a plan tailored to fit your project and budget. Our skilled pilots and crew can get the job done safely and quickly.


Precision has earned an exemplary reputation for the quality of its wild-land and interface firefighting and first response actions. The Precision team has managed and maintained many BLM, OAS/DOI, USFS, BIA, State of Alaska, CDF and ODF Fire Suppression and Rescue Mission contracts.

We have strategically located helicopters equipped with all the necessary equipment for fire suppression, including water bucket, foam, external baskets for crew equipment, and satellite tracking systems. We are available for fast initial-attack on wildland fires.

Precision machines are also utilized for medical evacuations, backfiring operations, (internal and external loads), infra-red mapping of incidents and numerous non-fire emergency missions.

Wildlife Survey

Precision offers a variety of game services to help farmers and wildlife organizations make management decisions on their property.

Our technical capabilities, low level flying experience, safety record and support fuel service trucks and drivers make a strong platform for big game surveys, rescue, trapping, and wildlife research.

Game counts can be done on the ground, but this is a very tedious process and not nearly as accurate as doing it with a helicopter. Link to book our services.

Global Reach

Our clients range from government agencies, through to local producers. Our clients depend on us to provide a world class solution, on time, every time.

We never disappoint.

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